Rockaway Twp., NJ

Mason Contractor and Chimney Repair in Rockaway NJ

Affordable Masonry, LLC has been providing high quality, affordable solutions for masonry services in Rockaway Township for over 30 years. Over the course of our 30 years in business, we have achieved and maintained a stellar reputation for our customer service, professional masonry contractors, and top of the line masonry materials and work. 

One of our crowning achievements at Affordabley Masonry, LLC is being able to provide chimney repair services when needed. Over time, the stones or bricks surrounding a chimney can begin to wear and become damaged. This can pose major problems for your roof and the ventilation of the chimney. With our chimney repairs in Rockaway Township, you receive full masonry service for any size or color chimney. We can repair or rebuild your chimney and even oversee fireplace installation. Affordable Masonry, LLC is your all-in-one service for chimney repairs in Rockaway Township.

In addition to providing the best in chimney repair services, our expert masonry contractors are skilled in concrete repairs, constructing retaining walls, and driveway repairs. We have a number of affordable brick pavers and paving stone options available as well.

To learn more about our masonry services in Rockaway Township or to receive an estimate, feel free to call us at (973)-383-6211!
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